ASRA: The Punjabi Alcohol Resource is a starting point for Punjabi families who struggle with alcohol use and are seeking help for themselves or a loved one.

Our vision is community that is supported and empowered to address problems with drinking on a personal, familial, and societal level.

We strive to do this by: 

  1. Creating a central space for the Punjabi community to access information on problem drinking in order to create positive changes in the lives of those struggling and those impacted. 
  2. Understanding and providing tools that address the ways in which the Punjabi community is uniquely impacted by problems with drinking 
  3. To provide comprehensive lists of Punjabi specific services and resources available to help in managing or treating alcohol use disorder (currently specific to BC’s lower mainland). 
  4. To break down stigma and bring awareness to problems with alcohol in the Punjabi community through conversation

While there are many families in the Punjabi community who have members who struggle with alcohol use, there is very little direction on where people can go for help. It is our hope that through this resource we can begin breaking down the stigma of discussing alcohol in our community and be better equipped to help with its consequences.